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Reviewing main program sections, standard tools and buttons

Toolbars: System menu
Toolbars: Goto toolbar
Toolbars: Controls toolbar

1. Sections

Fig.2. Program sections

The program has six main sections.

Work with customers giving you access to your customer database and all related operations.

Work with suppliers is similar, but it is granting access to supplier records.

Work with products allows you to control product records and details.

Work with dockets is for document database and many related operations.

Help section contains this document.

About program section contains program release info and developer details.

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2. Toolbars and buttons

System menu

New option allows creating a new record of any type - Customer, Supplier, Product or Docket (analogue of button).

Goto is quick navigation button (analogue of Goto toolbar).

Next option is depending on the section where you are now and may be alternatively Customer or Supplier or Product or Docket. It gives you the access to all operations available for this record type - View, Edit, New blank, New based on selected, Delete, etc. (analogue of Controls toolbar).

button invokes filtering procedure for large lists of records (check FINDING THE NECESSARY ENTRY IN DATABASE chapter for details).

button switches Goto toolbar on/off.

button switches Controls toolbar on/off.

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Goto toolbar

Quick navigation toolbar granting you access to all main program sections, main window, opened documents and exit (logout) function. Just select the target section from dropdown list.

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Controls toolbar

It has different set of buttons in each program section - depending on operations available in current window.

View button allows previewing the details of selected entry.

Edit button allows editing them.

New button allows creating new entry of the type allowed for this section.

New based on selected button exists only in Dockets section and allows creating new document based on details taken from existing one (i.e. such non-unique details as Customer/Supplier name, list of products, etc. will be automatically filled so you only need to fill docket-unique values)

Delete button simply deletes the selected entry.

Preview button provides print preview of the document to be printed.

Print button will print the current document.

Received/dispatched stock (in Dockets section) or Change Stock (in Products section) button is a stock control tool allowing you to adjust the quantity of goods in your stock. In other sections this button does not exist.

New purchase order for product button generates new purchase order for selected products transferring the product's details and related supplier info into docket. The button exists in Products section only.

New docket for customer/ supplier/ product button exists in Customers, Suppliers and Products sections and allows creating any of available docket types transferring the entry's details and related info into corresponding fields.

History button exists in Customers and Suppliers sections and allows accessing filtered list of all documents related to selected customer/supplier only.

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