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DealOngo Pro (Independent Pocket PC based client with significantly extended functions)

English Edition
USD 119.00 / EUR 99.00
German Edition
USD 119.00 / EUR 99.00
Buy English Dealongo Pro here! Buy German Dealongo Pro here!

DealOngo Lite (Independent Pocket PC based client)

Download DealOngo Lite (English Edition)
Download DealOngo Lite (German Edition)

Windows Mobile 5.0 Compatibility

To function correctly, DealOngo requires ADO system library. Windows Mobile 5.0 is no longer providing this library by default (like it was in earlier versions of this OS). If you wish to use DealOngo on your WM 5.0 powered device, you need to install ADO 3.0 separately. Please download its setup file at the link below.

Download ADO 3.0 (for Windows Mobile 5.0)

Standalone edition (Non-network desktop server/client; option to connect several Pocket PC based clients)

Network server (Network desktop server/client; option to connect several Pocket PC based clients)

Network client (Network desktop client; no Pocket PCs can be connected)

Standalone Edition, Network Server and Network Client are undergoing internal testing now. As soon as they are released for public distribution, we will make an announcement on the main page of this site.

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